♥ Welcome!! ♥

Hello everyone,

Firstly I’d like to say welcome to my sims legacy and secondly thank you for having a look at my legacy and I hope that you enjoy the Rowe’s lives all the way through the generations. I love to hear your comments on all chapters whether good or bad all feedback is good feedback as it makes me a better writer in the end and makes it more enjoyable for other readers. Oh one more thing ~ please inform me of any and all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

A bit about me!!

I’m 28 years old and a stay at home mum for the moment. I absolutely love the sims franchise and have done since the sims 2 for the playstation (so addicted). I can’t remember how it came about that I got my first sims 2 game but after that one I loved them so much my family knew that they couldn’t go wrong with the sims for me.
I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember, it helped a lot of the years with different things but since becoming a mother I’ve not written as much as I used to before motherhood. I am trying to get more in to writing again as I miss it, the people that need you to tell their story, their personalities come out and you get swept away with that and what they need you to tell. The sims helps a lot with story telling as they give you a lot to come up with from their day to day lives, candid pictures and every other thing that happens in life with the sims.

I already love my sims especially their pet dog, he’s so funny and has the funniest personality I’ve ever seen in a pet before, that’s possible because I don’t usually keep pets installed if it takes too much for my laptop to handle but this time I am so determined to keep it on although I really want to add Seasons.

I’ve added Seasons to my game play which is great. I give great thanks to all CC creators.
I’ve gotten my CC and mods from ~ The sims resource, Nraas, Mod the sims.~


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